My number 1 tip to stay focused throughout this pandemic

“You have to be focused, focused and focused in order to be immensely successful.” – unkown

What have you learnt this lockdown? How many skills have you mastered this period? How many online courses have you completed? Don’t you think you’re wasting this rare opportunity this pandemic has provided? This post will help you stay focused “all the time”.

Actually no this is not a post on how to stay completely focused in this uncertain time. There is this notion that this pandemic is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn a lot, opportunity to get ahead and opportunity to master skills.

We are under a lot of pressure not only from ourselves but from people around us to ‘utilize’ this lockdown to the fullest, but is this really the best time to be really going hard on ourselves? The virus has obviously affected so much of our lives but sometimes we neglect the not so obvious effects. The strain on our mental health.

I came across an article about a certain director guy who committed suicide because he was depressed due to lack of human contact because of the lockdown. Life in normal conditions can basically be really fucked but people relieve mental tension by hanging out with friends, partners, loved ones, playing contact sports, some religious people find this relief in their religious centers and through various ways that have now been restricted to curb the spread of the virus.

Our metal health controls our motivation levels and like physical health is our responsibility and we can’t or shouldn’t ignore it because these times we can’t relieve tensions the normal ways so you might find your self being lethargic and in general being unhappy or really unmotivated for no reason. You might be someone who’s strong mentally and the pandemic probably isn’t affecting you too much good for you but for my fellow part time strugglers It’s okay to be down sometimes and not really feel like doing anything (the problem is when you choose to remain dormant and blame the virus for it) because we are not in normal times because in truth this is not normal and i don’t know any tip that can get you fully concentrated all the time and I don’t think anyone does as nobody has ever been in a pandemic.

This is not an encouragement to be lazy but to understand the reality that this is a messed up situation that more or less affects us, relax and work on your mental strength and realize that maybe it is not possible to be all in all the time because this pandemic is not an holiday it’s a war that we don’t want to fight but sadly we have to.

If I am going to give any advice at all I can say is that recognize that we are not in normal times and it is okay to not be able to be focused all the time and then with this in mind give yourself days off to recharge and then go back to whatever you have chosen to do this lockdown

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Why first class students work for third class Students;What Robert Kiyosaki opened my eyes to.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein


When I came across this book I asked myself can first class students really work for third class students? If yes how and most importantly why would they?

NOTE: It is important I say that the scope of the book is beyond what I am writing about as I will only be writing on the section of the book that talks on the subject above.

Now before you go further ask yourself these; ‘Is school preparing me for the real world?’, ‘Is spending huge amounts on a degree just to be underemployed really worth the investment and time?’

Your education and skills determine what you do in life and how well you do it; in this book here are the 4 reasons why first class students always work for third class students.

1.School trains students to be Employees.

Yes this is very true but how? School stifles creativity as anything but your teacher’s answers is incorrect, in schools you’re not allowed to question your boss teachers. The system is programmed to mould students into employees which is why despite the rising number of “educated” people unemployment soars because creating jobs is not prioritized getting them is.

2. Love of certainty

The love of certainty is the death of creativity. If you are sure you are going to get a good job after school and be set for life. Why bother take the risk of starting a business or bother thinking of a way to create jobs from your degree and be innovative… after all you’ve done your part by studying all these years a job should be waiting for you.

3.Failure is bad

Scoring 50% is the worst thing that can happen to an A student. In school if you fail you get punished with a bad grade this ingrains the belief that failure is bad and must be avoided at all costs and unfortunately life doesn’t work like that you need to fail to make it. It is then left to the school outcasts the not so intelligent students to risk failure in starting a business and look for innovative ways to survive.

4. Third class students learn what first class students do not.

The previous 3 points all boil down to this one point the one reason why 3rd class students always employ 1st class students is because they study what first class students don’t its as simple as that 3rd class students fail in a system determined to keep them as employees. They are forced to embrace uncertainty and are used to failing (as their many report cards show) that failure is not a fear when they pursue their goals and ambitions.

The reason I talk a lot about this subject is as a result of a lot of A students who look down on not so bright students ignoring their other abilities as if a good degree is a guarantee for a good life and people without one are not worthy of oxygen.

I draw my conclusion from the featured quote. There are roles to be played by everyone in life. There would always be employees and employers, A students and C students. It is left to you to decide upon the path you wish to take just because someone is a great entrepreneur does not mean you are meant to be just because someone else is an A student does not mean you’re supposed to be.

I completely respect first class students and adore third class students because without people like Albert Einstein,Ben Carson, Steve Wozniak the straight A’s and without the Steve Jobs, Ray Dalios, Warren Buffets and Mark Zuckerbergs this world would definitely be different.

My point? Find your wave and ride it till you die.

Thank you very much for reading I really do appreciate it.

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How to finish that book and Develop a reading habit; Tips from a lazy reader

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

Elon Musk,Bill Gates,Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet and other immensely successful people spend a lot of their time reading books and point to reading as an important factor in their success. Therefore I ask you; “who are you not to be reading and consuming the treasures hidden inside ‘Good books’?”

Reading is a very difficult task as it is not only boring at times but difficult as it requires imagination and concentration and I understand the frustration of not being able to finish a 300 page book or any book at all.

Reading quality books is very essential to self development as they contain ridiculous amounts of knowledge. You and I are not too different as I used struggle with reading the most basics of books but with these simple hacks and practices I have been able to develop a healthy reading habit.

1. Start with easy and not too lengthy books.

There are some books that are naturally too complex and take a lot of time to understand which can be frustrating if you’re just started on your journey of reading more. Find a book that is not more than 300 pages to start with.

2. Find out what time of the day works for you.

Some people find it easy reading in the morning others afternoon or evening. I, for example, find it very difficult reading in the afternoon and it takes me twice the effort than if I read at night which is my preferred time. (Try different times of the day to find what works for you.)

3. Find the appropriate venue and equipment.

Reading is serious work even though it becomes fun as time progresses but you can’t be a serious reader by sleeping on your couch and casually turning the pages of your book. Get a chair,table and notebook for jotting down ideas. A silent place is an ideal setting for reading as there is little distraction.

4. The 30/5 rule.

Now this is the most important part of my technique as it is difficult to maintain the same level of concentration when reading for a long period. So I read for 30 minutes then rest for 5 minute then I go for another 30 minutes then rest again for 5 minutes. I do this until I get exhausted.

I believe if you try these simple tips your reading experience will improve as it improved mine.

NOTE: The goal is develop a habit so give yourself a target of 1hour per day then gradually increase the length as it will get “easier”.

Thank you for reading and kindly share reading tips that have worked for you in the comment section.

The one book that changed my life…. CAUTION: it might change yours too

Life can bite like a bitch. In a second you can be on a downward spiral such that each event makes you feel worse than the one before. In a second all you hold dear can be a threatened and you start seeing a transformer as an escape route, jumping in front of a trailer doesn’t seem too bad and sniper isn’t that bad a drink. In a second your life can change completely. Some people can point to a certain event that changed their lives here is the concept/principle that changed my perspective and in extension my life.

This concept I write on was learnt from Think Big by Ben Carson a book which was the first hardcopy book I ever bought. I bought this book because nothing made sense to me at that time and something needed to change fast. If you are like me then you are not straight A student and can not draw or even sing you do not have “talents”.

A lot of people are conditioned into viewing success (I write about success because I believe your talent plays a huge role in being successful) in life as being wealthy and very famous. The book taught me that no matter who we are we all have talents some people can understand 6 topics in 2 hours. I have a friend who makes puns and logical correlations between objects that makes everyone laugh that is a talent but we are all confined into thinking being doctors, lawyers, Professors, Music Stars, Footballers are the ultimate that we deaden our God-given talents just so that we can fit “talent” the one principle that changed my life is that talent is dynamic and has no fixed definition. Success is giving your best with your God given talents it might mean giving your best as a painter, a salesperson or you might be passionate about cleaning that you know ways that could clean surfaces faster and you’re so good with the chemistry of given reagents. If there is one thing I know I am not dragged into the belief that having billions of dollars or having a multitude of followers licking my feet at every command as being successful and neither should you.

My definition of success is doing what you love doing with obvious and not so obvious talents that you have. You can be a talkative your talent will be in the realm of public speaking, you can have many friends your talent may be you have wonderful interpersonal skills. You can be good at chemistry – that is a talent, you can make complex situations easy that is your talent. We all are guilty of thinking we are not talented because we do not have the stereotypical talents: being a good footballer, having a nice voice or being able draw or being extremely intelligent but if you look deeply at the things you enjoy or things that you are good at. You would see a pattern of things that you enjoy and are very good at. for me I am a natural at most sports and find it easy teaching concepts and ideas, for you it might be something else. I have been a lot happier as I do not care about the stereotypes regarding success and my view of success is adding value to whatever I do. If you are lost and feel useless, which is what the online community make a lot people feel nowadays, I recommend you give this book a read. It would be a starting point for anyone who is confused but serious about changing his/her life. The concepts I extracted from the books have helped me greatly and I hope it helps you too.

Feel free to comment if you want an article on the things “I LEARNT FROM THINK BIG BY Ben Carson.

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5 things I learnt from The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson

Mark Manson! Mark Manson!! Mark Manson!!! I’ve been a huge fan of mark Manson since reading his book “Why everything is f*cked…” But the subtle art of not giving a f*ck certainly increased my love for the author. Here are 5 key things I learnt from the book.

1. Life is fucked up

Things will not always work out in your favor and there is nothing you can do about it. Bad things will happen to you whether you a good or bad person You can’t necessarily control what happens to you,you can only control what you do afterwards.

2. Dissatisfaction is humanity

If human beings are satisfied there wouldn’t be any motivation for development. If humans were satisfied with walking there would be no cars or planes If Nigerians were satisfied with fast Internet there wouldn’t be MTN. Dissatisfaction is what differentiates us from other animals. You don’t see a dog trying to build a barking machine.

3. Pain is growth

Just as one must suffer physical pain to build stronger bones and muscles. One must suffer emotional pain to develop resilience and mindset to be successful. Pain will grow you and as a wise man once said No pain No gain. If you don’t do the painful things you will be stagnant.

4. You are nobody’s savior and nobody’s your savior

Nobody can solve your problems for you and you can’t solve anyone’s problem for them. You can support people while they try to solve their problems but it is not possible for you to solve their problems the same goes for you.

5. You are not special after all

Sometimes we all feel “I am suffering because I am special or unique that nobody understands” but in reality What you are going through has been faced by millions before you and will be faced by billions after you. Does this make the pain you are going through easier? Definitely not but the hard truth is that you just have to suck it up and get your shit together. Yes, Life is hard.

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